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How To Refinish Wooden Doors

Posted by on May 13, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on How To Refinish Wooden Doors

The style of a wooden door is hard to match. Of course, wood is a classic material for interior and exterior doors. However, owning a wooden door requires a little bit of maintenance, especially when it comes to exterior doors. It is a material that can be affected by the weather conditions and water damage. For example, drastic changes in temperature can cause wood to expand, warp and crack. This article explains how to refinish a wooden door. This is vital if you want your wooden door to last long and withstand the elements. Removing Your Door All you need is a hammer and screwdriver to remove a door. This screwdriver must be smaller than the pin in the hinge. First, hammer out the pin in the bottom hinge. You might need somebody to help hold the door straight as you hammer out the rest of the pin. You don’t want the door to start to fall or swing open and bend the hinges that are still attached to the door. Sanding Your Door Once the doors are removed you need to sand off the existing finish. You can use a vibrating power sander to remove most of the stain, but you might need to use a handheld sponge sander to remove the stain within the cracks and crevices of the decorative miters. With most hardwood, you will want to do 2 stages of sanding. First, use a medium grit sandpaper to remove the majority of the stain. Then, step up to an extra fine grit paper to smooth out the wood so it is completely ready to be stained. Staining Your Door The best way to stain a hardwood surface, like a door, is to use rags instead of paintbrushes. You can dip the rags directly into stain can and then rub them onto the wood. Spread it around thoroughly and make sure you cover every square inch. Let the first coat dry and then use some steel wool to smooth it out. Then, repeat these steps when you apply a second coat. All you have to do now is rehang your doors. But, you might need to stain the casing around your door to match your new door color (if they are the same color). If so, you obviously want to do this before you rehang the doors. This simple project is a great way to redefine the look of any exterior door. Contact a door company, like Active Doors & Mouldings Ltd, for more...

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Tips For Staying Safe When Renting A Storage Unit

Posted by on Mar 11, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Tips For Staying Safe When Renting A Storage Unit

If you are in need of a storage unit but are scared of how safe and protected your belongings will be while they are being stored inside of your unit, then taking some extra precautionary measures when deciding on a storage unit facility is critical. There are many factors to keep in mind when selecting a storage unit and this is why it is important to seek a storage facility with the following in mind: Technology Security Features: When keeping your valuable assets stored away inside your unit, making sure your unit is protected against potential theft is definitely a major concern you may have. So, when selecting a storage unit facility to rent from, you will want to be sure that they utilize current technology features that will enable them to thoroughly protect your unit from damages and theft. A few features to look for are security measures like subscription-based security services, door alarms, and high-quality surveillance cameras. Hours of Operation: To give yourself more peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your property, you will want to select a storage facility that offers strict hours of operation. This will ensure people are unable to visit their storage units after hours when there are no staff members working and this can help reduce the chance of a potential theft. So, instead of selecting a facility that offers 24/7 visiting hours, be sure to avoid this and seek a company that offers strict visiting hours to ensure there are not any unsupervised visitors inside of the storage unit facility. Unit Cleanliness: Before committing to a facility, it is very important that you take a walk through of the unit that the facility will be offering you. This will allow you to check for any signs of moisture, pests, and mold damages inside of the unit so you can avoid renting a unit that may have defects like these. This will help protect your property while they are being stored away, which will allow you to have a better renting experience. When viewing different storage unit facilities, such as Country Hills Storage, you will definitely want to be sure you keep these options and features in mind so you can be confident that you are renting the safest and most secure storage unit for your assets. This will not only protect your property better but will give you more peace of mind when renting your...

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Helpful Things To Know About A Noisy Garage Door

Posted by on Jan 9, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Helpful Things To Know About A Noisy Garage Door

Are you tired of disturbing the peace of your neighbors each time the noisy garage door is opened or closed? The solution to the problem might be as simple as repairing a part, but buying a new door might be necessary. Discover in this article a few of the things that can lead to noisy movement from a garage door and what a new one is priced. The Tracks Are in Bad Shape The tracks are one of the most vital parts of a garage door when it comes to how smoothly it moves. The tracks also play a role in whether a garage door is noisy or not when it is in motion. For instance, if the tracks are not aligned the right way, the garage door has to struggle with opening and closing. When a garage door has to force itself down crooked metal tracks, it creates a lot of noise in the process. The door can also have a hard time moving if the tracks are bent up, but you can hire a contractor to align or replace the tracks to get rid of the problem. There Are Dents On the Garage Door If you notice that there are dents on your garage door, it is the possible reason why it is so noisy when moving up and down. Even if you don’t notice too many dents, all it takes is a small dent to interfere with how the door is able to glide on the tracks. The dented door leads to the wheels not being straight enough in the tracks, so they sit too close to the metal tracks and make a lot of noise. A contractor might be able to get rid of the dents, but large dents might not be able to be repaired. You will have to get a new door installed. The Affordability of a New Garage Door You can get a new garage door that is constructed out of plywood or aluminum for as little as $400 or more. The specific price depends on the size of garage door that you need. If you want a door that is constructed out of steel, expect to pay a minimum of $750 for it. The quoted prices also include getting the door installed by a professional. Keep in mind that features such as windows and insulation will affect the overall price. Speak to a contractor to see if your garage door should be replaced or not! Check out or your local garage door experts for more information on repairing or replacing your noisy garage...

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Three Kinds Of Dock Levelers And How You Might Use Them In Your Warehouse

Posted by on Oct 21, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Three Kinds Of Dock Levelers And How You Might Use Them In Your Warehouse

Dock levelers are those handy instruments that bridge the gap between your warehouse loading docks and the backs of the trucks. They keep important merchandise, wheels, pallets and even workers’ feet from falling through and becoming damaged or injured. There are three kinds of dock levelers and they have varied uses in your warehouse.  Hydraulic Dock Levelers These dock levelers raise and lower with the use of a hydraulic motor system. They resist buckling under excessively heavy loads and several models also flip up as added “lip” protection against drop-off accidents when your forklift drivers may not be paying attention to where they are going. If you have several bays on your dock that are very wide or frequently unused for most of the year, then hydraulic levelers are an excellent choice because they can stay put and block the expanse of the dock openings and lower when you finally do get several trucks docking all at once.  Hand Pump Operation Levelers These levelers are lighter in weight so that your dock workers can move them from one bay to the next. If you cannot afford several hydraulic levelers or you simply do not want permanent levelers installed, then the hand pump dock levelers are the perfect solution. They require no electricity to operate. Your dock workers simply move the levelers into position over the gaps between the docks and the backs of the trucks and press or crank the leveler into the down position. Once the truck is unloaded, your dock crew presses or cranks the leveler pumps until the levelers are in the up position and then the levelers can be moved to another dock opening or just moved out of the way until another truck arrives. Scissors Lift Dock Levelers Your regular dock is not the only place where a dock leveler is needed. If you use a scissors lift to elevate palleted goods onto shelves up high, it is much easier for the on-board pallet jack to breach the gap between the scissors lift and the shelving when there is a dock leveler in place. Special dock levelers just for scissors lifts prevent catastrophic falls and injuries from on high while creating smooth transitions from the lift to the shelf. Most of the dock levelers for scissors lifts are hydraulic and electric; they attach to the sides of your scissors lift with chains and to the base of the lift with bolts and hydraulic power.   Contact local professionals, such as those from Coltons Consulting & Maintenance Inc, for further...

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Indicators That Show It’s Time For Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning

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Dryer vents are an important component of commercial dryers and contribute significantly to the efficiency and effectiveness of units. Over time, debris will begin to accumulate in these vents, necessitating periodic cleaning to maintain proper operation. Commercial dryer operators should look out for the following five indicators that show dryer vents are probably obstructed and in need of cleaning. Attending to clogged dryer vents as soon as possible can save business owners money on utility costs. It can also save time by maximizing the speed of the drying process.  Laundry taking too long to dry When a dryer operates properly, air is sucked into the unit from the outside by the unit’s fan. This air passes by a heating element before being directed toward the tumbler, where it dries clothing. After the tumbler, air passes by the unit’s fan and then out through the dryer vent.  Debris obstructing a dryer vent can prevent proper air circulation throughout the unit. Air circulation within the unit is what dries clothing, so clogged vents will cause laundry to take more time than it should to become dry.  Dryer surfaces becoming extremely hot Overheating on dryer surfaces is an indication that hot air is getting trapped inside the unit because of a clogged vent. Extreme overheating of the unit can eventually lead to breakdowns and cause severe damage to machines over time if vents are left uncleaned.  Laundry smelling “musty” and feeling stiff Built-up lint in a dryer unit can cause laundry to take on an unpleasant “musty” smell after being dried. It can also leave laundry feeling unusually stiff and rough to the touch.  A vent in need of cleaning can therefore not only detract from unit efficiency, but also compromise the quality and lifespan of laundry. This stiffness in the laundry fibres can cause garments and other laundry pieces to wear out faster or to develop flaws like holes and fraying.  Utility bills increasing When the dryer vent is clogged, the machine’s fan and other mechanical parts have to work harder to force air through. This consumes more energy and results in unusually high electricity consumption.  Lint and debris building up around grills/piping If the laundry vent has become clogged, there are likely to be clogs elsewhere in the unit. One important place to check for debris build-up if you suspect that your commercial dryer needs vent cleaning is around the unit’s grills and piping. Lint that builds up here can inhibit airflow just like lint that builds up inside the...

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What You Can Do to Fix Your Home’s Foggy Double-Paned Windows

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If your home’s double-paned windows have become foggy over time, then it is important you understand that their gas seals have failed. Since failed window seals make your home’s windows look dirty, and the windows no longer provide any insulating properties for your home, you need to have the window’s glass inserts either repaired or replaced. Double-Paned Window Design Double-paned window glass contains a layer of argon gas that is sealed between two individual panes of glass. Wrapped around and glued to the glass is a metal seal. When the seal fails from age and continual temperature changes, the windows become filled with moisture from the outside air. Along with the moisture comes small dust particles. When the glass is heated from the sun, the moisture dries and leaves behind the dust that in turn causes the fogged mess between the two glass panes.  Since the fogging is inside the glass pane inserts, you have two solutions to defog the windows: drilling and defogging glass insert replacement Here is some information on each of these two options: Double-Paned Window Defogging If you live in an area with a mild climate, then your home’s double-paned windows can be salvaged using a process known as defogging. Defogging does not restore the insulation property to the glass panes, but it is very effective for removing the internal fogging and prevent it from returning. Defogging is also much cheaper than having the window’s glass inserts replaced. The process of defogging is accomplished by first drilling a small hole in the outside of the window glass insert. Through the small hole is injected a special cleaning solution. Once the dust residue has been removed from the glass with the cleaning solution, then it is removed using a small vacuum device. To prevent future fogging, a small defogging device is installed. This device allows moisture to escape from the windows. Double-Paned Window Glass Insert Replacement If your home is located in an area with large temperature fluctuations, then replacement of the window pane inserts is the best way to go. Replacing the failed window panes will restore the insulation properties for your windows. To replace the glass inserts, a professional glass contractor will cut the glazing around the inserts and pop the glass insert out of the window frame. A new glass insert is then glazed into place. Conclusion Your home’s foggy double-paned windows are both a visual problem and one that affects their insulation properties. If you would like to have your windows defogged or replaced, then you should contact a licensed glass repair contractor, such as Economy Glass in...

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Guaranteeing Efficient Operations With Maximum Safety – Duties For A Millwright On Your Construction Site

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Owning and operating your own construction firm can be an extremely satisfying way to make a living, but it also comes with a wide variety of challenges. Many construction companies find themselves overwhelmed by highly specialized tasks, and without hiring employees who are able to handle those tasks, you may find yourself with an inefficient process. Below, you’ll find a guide to some of the duties that you can assign to a qualified millwright on your construction site. Seeking out a millwright will add both safety and efficiency to your construction projects, and following these suggestions can help make sure that everyone on your site can work to their greatest efficiency. Equipment Installation While the correct operation of equipment can be sufficiently guaranteed through training and experience, installing that equipment can be a much more difficult process. Indeed, many people in the labor force are used to a system where they show up and find equipment waiting for them, and frustration can abound if that equipment isn’t adequately prepared. Millwrights are trained in installing and stabilizing industrial equipment, making them a vital part of the construction process. Guaranteeing that your heavy equipment is secured on a stable base will allow you to avoid the potential for serious construction accidents while also guaranteeing that the layout of a site is engineered or maximum efficiency. Crane Operation Hoisting heavy materials to a higher elevation for installation is a vital part of completing construction projects. Crane operation, however, is a highly technical and difficult process, and without proper training and certification, it can be very dangerous. Millwrights are generally certified as crane operators. This certification will help guarantee that your job site stays safe and efficient, as well as within the regulations of the area where your project is being completed. This is an extremely important requirement to meet, as unlicensed crane operation can result in very large fines that can wreck your profit margins. Machinery Inspection In order to make sure that your equipment operates to its highest efficiency and avoids lengthy and dangerous breakdowns, it’s important that you have it regularly and accurately inspected. If these inspections are conducted by an untrained eye, potential warning signs can be missed and you may find yourself frustrated or at risk of a dangerous situation. Your millwright will be trained in these inspections and be able to offer you an accurate assessment of the equipment on your job site, guaranteeing that things continue to run smoothly. For more information, contact a company like Stonewall K-Indu...

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Upgrading To A New Office? 3 Tips For Moving Without Sacrificing Productivity

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Although moving your office and staff to a larger, more modern space is exciting, it is extremely stressful and expensive. What’s more, maintaining productivity during a move is difficult, which makes the task even more stressful and costly. If you want to change offices with as little strife as possible, you must do so quickly and without sacrificing productivity. Not sure how to do it? Following are three tips for moving your office without sacrificing productivity. Hire an Expert Team Never rely on yourself or your employees to make the move happen. Instead, hire an expert project manager from your local office moving company. A qualified project manager will evaluate your business and decide how best to move everything without sacrificing productivity. Hiring a moving team also frees you and your employees up to do what you’re supposed to be doing: working. If none of you have to worry about moving tasks, such as packing and planning, you can better serve clients and keep that money rolling in.  Allow Employees To Telecommute If at all possible, allow your employees to work from home during the move. While you might have to do some prep work to make it happen, it will be well worth it. By working from home, your employees will be able to do their job without being distracted by the chaos associated with the move. Your staff will also not be able to jump in and help the movers. With nothing to distract them, they will be better able to concentrate on their work and serve your customers. All of this will help keep productivity up and that cash coming in. Move in Phases Rome wasn’t built in a day, so don’t think you have to move in a day or a matter of a few days. Make your move smoother by breaking it down into stages. For example, if you move one department at a time, your other departments can continue working as usual. Breaking the move down by departments also limits the amount of decisions and fires you will have to put out in any given day.  There are several things you can do to move your office quickly and efficiently without sacrificing productivity. However, the most important thing you can do to ensure a smooth move is to hire a professional mover that has a ton of experience moving businesses while they’re still operating.  For more information, contact Babbco Office Services Limited or a similar...

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Starting An Oilfield Construction Company? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Buy Your Own Equipment

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Working in the oilfield construction industry can be rewarding and extremely lucrative. If you are thinking about starting up your own company, you’re probably making a pretty smart business decision. However, if you are thinking about purchasing all of your equipment — such as forklifts and other necessities — then you might not be making the best choices. Believe it or not, it can actually be a lot smarter to use an oilfield equipment rental company for these needs instead. These are a few reasons why. 1. Use the Best Equipment at All Times Oilfield construction is hard work, and you need the best equipment possible to get the job done quickly and easily. It can be hard to keep up with the newest and best equipment when you have to pay for it out of pocket, but this isn’t a problem when you rent your equipment. Then, you can enjoy renting the newest and best, so you’ll always have the top equipment when you’re out in the oilfield. 2. Forget About Maintenance and Repairs Working in an oilfield can put a lot of strain on your equipment, no matter how careful you are with it. This can lead to the need for a lot of maintenance and repairs, which can be costly and can take time away from your work. When you rent equipment, you can simply return it when you’re done with it. Then, the rental company will take care of any necessary maintenance and repairs. 3. Cut Down on Storage Space With oilfield construction, you’re probably always moving and getting work done in different places. Therefore, there is really no need to pay for an expensive shop. If you have your own equipment, you have to have a home base to keep it at. With rentals, however, you won’t have to worry about storage when the job is complete. 4. Go Where the Work Is Oilfield construction jobs can be found all over the country, so you don’t want to restrict yourself to one place. By renting your equipment, you can rent it in any area. This will make it easier for you to take jobs in different places without worrying about transporting your equipment. As you can see, it’s not a necessity to purchase your own equipment to start your oilfield construction company. In fact, it can be much smarter to rent this equipment from a rental company. For additional information, contact an oilfield rental company in your...

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3 Ways To Make Your Rainwater Potable

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Are you looking for creative ways to increase your water supply? Perhaps your onsite well doesn’t produce enough water? Or maybe you’d like to reduce your reliance on the municipal water grid? One way to do so is by collecting and purifying your rainwater. Rainwater is actually fairly easy to make potable since it hasn’t yet been contaminated with in-ground chemicals or other pollutants. Rainwater contains some natural bacteria and other unhealthy elements, but those can be easily eliminated. Follow these steps and you’ll have a large supply of clean potable water in no time. Set up your gutters and drain with a flush first diverter. Right now, your home probably has a system of gutters that lead to a drain that runs into the ground or away from your home. You’ll need to run that drain into a large storage tank to collect your water. First, though, you’ll want to install a flush first diverter in the drain. When it rains, the first raindrops contain the most bacteria. A flush first diverter collects that initial rainfall and diverts it into the ground and away from your tank. After that rainfall has been diverted, the rest goes into your tank, ensuring that you get the water that has the least bacteria. Chemically treat your tank. While a diverter will eliminate much of the potential bacteria, it won’t eliminate all of it. Regular treatments with either chlorine or iodine will make the water even more potable. Iodine is the strongest of the two, but it may not be suitable depending on who is in your home. For example, pregnant women and individuals with thyroid conditions shouldn’t drink iodine. If you can’t use iodine, drop a chlorine tablet into your tank every few weeks. That will kill much of the remaining bacteria. Use a multi-tank system. Every time water moves, you have another opportunity to treat it. For that reason, many people use a two-step tank system. They have a large tank outside for the initial collection and treatment of rain water. The outdoor tank has a pump that moves water into smaller indoor tanks. As the water moves between the two tanks it goes through a cloth filter that allows water to pass through but not bacteria and parasites. This final step, in conjunction with a diverter and chemical treatment, ensures that the water is...

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